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AutoBooom, a sophisticated Cloud-based Dealership Management Software by Innojar Tech, delivers a tailored solution for both Automobile OEMs and their Dealers. Offering seamless modules for CRM, Pre-Sales Enquiry, Sales, Service, Spares, and Accounting, it serves as a comprehensive toolkit for headquarters and dealer networks alike.


AutoBooom ERP for OEMs:

AutoBooom ERP for Automobile OEMs is a groundbreaking solution meticulously developed to address the specific needs of the automobile industry. Tailored for both traditional and Electric Vehicle (EV) OEMs, it seamlessly integrates with dealer data, ensuring a harmonious flow of information. With comprehensive modules covering all facets, including assembly unit functionalities, AutoBooom ERP emerges as the definitive choice for streamlined and efficient operations in the dynamic world of a automobile manufacturing.

AutoBooom DMS For Dealers:

AutoBooom DMS, tailored for Automobile Dealerships, redefines efficiency with modules spanning Pre-Sales Enquiry Management (CRM), streamlined Vehicle Sales, meticulous Vehicle Service tracking, Spares inventory management, robust Accounting, and comprehensive post-sales support. Specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of Electric Vehicle (EV) dealers, it stands as the go-to solution for a seamless and specialized dealership experience, catering to the dynamic landscape of the automobile industry.

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AutoBooom Features

A fine DMS for Automobile dealers which includes all modules like Pre-Sales Enquiry Management, Vehicle Sales, Vehicle Service, Spares and Complete Accounting Modules. This software is conceived and prepared by a team of experienced software engineers and automobile consultants.

Powerful Security Module

Online and Offline Version

Pre-Sales Enquiry & CRM Management

Vehicle Sales, Service & Spares Management

Complete Accounting with GST Module

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